Polivy Healthcare Work
Polivy is a drug for treatment of lymphoma patients. I assisted in art direction and designed the Polivy logo, brand book, website, brochures, banner ads, emails, table tent cards, and exhibition design.
3D Work
Lyft Social Posts
Social posts created for Lyft's official Instagram and Twitter. Content art directed and designed by me.
UI/UX Design
2021-2024 UI/UX design -- solo and team projects
Meditation installation
Spectrum Reverie is a 20 minute meditative experience. It uses audio and visuals to immerse the audience into a state of flow.
Visual Loops
Created in After Effects. Each composition loops perfectly into itself.
AI Motion Tests
Easy Tiger Music Video - Portugal. The Man
I art directed and animated a full length music video for the Grammy award-winning band, Portugal. The Man. It was hand drawn, frame by frame, using photoshop and a wacom tablet.
Coachella Portugal. The Man Tour Content
Kari Faux Concert Animation
Create an animated loop for. Kari Faux's life performance in NYC.
Spotify Canvases
Photoshop AI Tests
Glimmer Visualizer
Short animated video I created as fan art for "Glimmer" by Tame Impala using TouchDesigner.
Kaiber AI Tests
Meditation Visual
Animation and lights for performances at Berklee in NYC
2021 Reel
Polivy Logo Redesign
POLIVY is a prescription medicine used to treat adults with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL).
Animation Reel
Adult Swim Motion Graphic
Motion graphic using the adult swim logo made in after effects. I do not own the rights to their logo. I made this for class.
Album Cover Designs
A series of 3 album covers designed. The premise of each album is different sounds heard at different times of the day.
Skunk Skateboards
Skunk skateboards was created for my final Senior Design show. The main goal is to encourage the participation of girls in skateboarding and to shed more light on the individuality of female skaters.
Shop Honest Mobile App
Class project where each student chose a topic of concentration to make prototypes of apps for. I chose the issue of fast fashion and ethical labor. Shop Honest is an app to help users know if they are buying unethical made clothing items.
Waste Chase Board Game
A game design to teach players about climate change and pollution.
Easy Tiger Music Video
Music video for the Grammy award-winning band Portugal. The Man. I was the art director and animator for the project.
Icon Poster
A poster of icons I drew then vectorized.
Skull Pez Dispenser
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